Jorn Hamdorf
General Manager

Like many an entrepreneur I like to see myself as a visionary with a powerful dream. My dream springs from the observation that whenever individuals jointly succeed to achieve their target, they will be filled with a sense of extraordinary satisfaction and the result can indeed be remarkable.

However, frequently the actual result of the concerted effort falls far short of the potential outcome. This gap between actual and potential result is often due to inefficient communication and misunderstanding. My dream is to create an environment which stimulates and fosters the exchange of skills, knowledge, ideas and cultures not only among Anjin colleagues, but also with you, our customers and partners.

Born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1963 I studied Chinese philosophy at Hamburg and Beijing Universities and graduated from the Paris Institut d'Etudes Politiques in political sciences in 1990. My first job was as a development consultant for the World Bank in Washington DC. I then joined an international consulting firm based in Paris, with assignments as IT consultant in various European countries. In 1998, I moved to Tokyo as an advisor to a European investment bank. In 2000, I created Anjin Consulting.

Interview by French Chamber of Commerce (April 2006)