• Opportunities and Risks for Business (SWOT Analysis)
    • How can Japan benefit from Global Business Processes implementation (ROI)?
    • Which specific Local Business Processes need to be kept?
    • Which existing processes can be optimized? How?
    • Change management : expected impact on the organization?
  • What Project Organization?
    • How much will the Global Core team get involved?
    • How much time and capacity can the local IT team dedicate to the Roll-out?
    • How to select the most adequate consulting partner? Prepare RFP?
    • What definition of roles and responsibilities for the various teams?
  • What Schedule?
    • Group level constraints?
    • Japan affiliate constraints
  • What Technical Solution?
    • Simultaneous replacement of all existing systems (Big Bang) or gradual approach?
    • Surrounding systems: which legacy systems should be kept?